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List of Portuguese Confederations Cup
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Portuguese coach Santos announced the latest issue of the national team. C Lo and Pepe led the two stars, Bayern Munich genius Sanchez unsuccessful.
According to the schedule, Portugal will be held on June 3, a warm-up match, home game Cyprus; June 9, Portugal will usher in a 2018 Russian World Cup Group B sixth round of a game, away weak Travel to Latvia. World preliminaries before the five rounds, Portugal 4 wins and 1 fat plot 12 points in the group second, behind 5 war wins Switzerland 3 points.
It should be noted that the current list is also the list of the Portuguese Confederations Cup, compared with last year's European Cup championship list, fut coins Anthony - Lopez, Edward, Carvalho, Vieira, Sangsis and Egypt Dell and other six unsuccessful players, the newly selected players are Beto, Jozawa, Neto, Semipal, Pico, Andre - Silva and Martins and other seven players. Since this is a list of 24 people, the Portuguese coach Santos will go through a warm-up match and a World Cup final after the final decision of the Confederations Cup.
Prior to this, Germany announced the Confederations Cup list to the edge of international and young players played, which also makes the opportunity to win the Confederations Cup in Portugal. The current session of the Confederations Cup, fifa ultimate team coins Portugal and Mexico, Russia and New Zealand. The following is a list of the latest national teams in Portugal.
Goalkeepers: Beto (Lisbon Athletic), Jose - Sa (Porto), Patricio (Lisbon Athletic)
Defender: Bruno - Alvis (Cagliari), Sauerres (Southampton), Elisieu (Benfica), Fonte (West Ham), Nate (Zenit), Semipal (Benfica), Pepe (Real Madrid), Guerrero (Dortmund)
Midfield: Adrian - Silva (Lisbon Athletic), Andre - Gomez (Barcelona), Danilo - Pereira (Porto), Mario (Inter Milan), Moutinho (Monaco ), Pizi (Benfica), William - Carvalho (Lisbon Athletic)
Striker: Andre - Silva (Porto), Bernardo - Silva (Monaco), C Lo (Real Madrid), G - Martins (Lisbon Athletic), Nani (Valencia), Quares Horse (besiktas)

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