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Manchester United refuses Real Madrid to sell David de Gea
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British media media today confirmed that Manchester United has officially rejected the offer of Real Madrid to Deheya, which shows the determination of Manchester United strong Leghheya. Sky Sports said Real Madrid offer up to 60 million pounds, which is the history of football goalkeeper record the highest transfer fee, but Manchester United is not heart. It is reported that Manchester United has Deheya paste "not for sale" label.
60 million pounds also talk about! Manchester United officially refused Real Madrid never sell Deheya
Real Madrid is a club that does not easily give up. Two years ago, they almost can get Deheya, but because of the fax machine problems led to the transaction failed to be ridiculed by the outside world. 2 years later, Real Madrid comeback, fut coins Florentino confident, he believes that this summer will be able to dig Deheya. Helpless, Manchester United this time more tough attitude, his coach Mourinho is not good stubble, will not easily put the cornerstone of the defense.
Sky Sports pointed out that Real Madrid this time on Degea offer for 60 million pounds, Manchester United was the introduction of Deheya transfer fee (1800 million pounds) 3 times. The highest transfer fee record in the history of the goalkeeper was created by Buffon, when Juventus spent £ 33 million to buy him. Real Madrid is now Manchester United's £ 60 million is almost Buffon was worth 2 times, but Manchester United still do not want to sell.
Late this season, Mu Shuai decisive to give up the Premiership, the main European Union, and successfully win the European champions, the Red Devils will return to the Champions League next season. To make a contribution in the Champions League, Manchester United must be equipped with a good goalkeeper, while leaving Deheya is clearly the best choice. fifa ultimate team coins Yesterday, BBC pointed out that Deheya in Manchester United is very happy, he did not intend to leave the team. Past 2016-17 season, Deheya played for Manchester United 45 times. Over the past three seasons, Deheya is the best player in Manchester United, but this record is the end of the season.
Mourinho is dead not to sell Deheya, but his attitude towards the French prodigy Ma Charles is diametrically opposed. "Sun" said Mourinho this summer is bound to hit heavy gold signings, Gryzmann and Lukaku such stars may go to the Red Devils, Manchester United's frontcourt configuration will become bloated. In addition, Mourinho have to consider UEFA's financial fair competition rules, which means that Mourinho was sold, and Ma Shaer may be the main target of Mourinho surgery.
The summer of 2015, Ma Charles from Manchester United to Manchester United, his worth up to 58 million pounds. 2015-16 season, Ma Charles outstanding performance, known as the team thighs. But in the hands of Mourinho, Ma Charles fell into confusion, last season in the Premiership debut less than half of the total number of appearances. In addition, Ma Shier's professional attitude and off-site lace has been criticized by Mike Mussina, Mu Shuai frankly the French star lack of excellent psychological quality.

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